CROMAGNON (cromagnon) wrote,


always alone, ive spent so many hours
my life has been simple and solitary
its all that makes sense to me
all the many hits and setbacks
id bent too much, thought id crack
ive had it to here, with the pain
id be damned, if id go through it again
with broken fingers, i built a wall
sturdy ehough, so sound and tall
bricks and mortar, i built it high
knowing well, it was where id die
i was tired of all this rotten luck
endless days piled up, i felt stuck
i felt weak when they made me crawl
just further need to build that wall
always there was a dream of the outside
as if somehow, i wouldnt need to hide
it seems so long, ive been on the shelf
locked down inside, i even lost myself
i became used to the endless ache
i learned the lessons, not to break
in those years i forgot how to live
became convinced i had nothing to give
in the night, lays what i want so much
somwhere, what i want to touch
theres something i can never hold
no, id never dare to be so bold
all of my constant shattered failures
theres no way im good enough for her
i hope with my earnest heart on my sleeve
could i give her reason to believe
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