CROMAGNON (cromagnon) wrote,


the last two days have been beautiful after work, its been warm, with a cool breeze with bright skies... for the first time ive been wanting, longing for it, like its been calling me... yeah, i finally want a drink, i havent missed it yet but i suppose its time... i miss the pubs, i miss my friends, i miss standing at the pubs and spending time where i belong... the bars have always been a second home, a refuge from all my problems, no matter how bad things were at home, or at work, there was the pub... when things were going bad, id have a place where i could go and talk to my peers, who would make mean spirited jokes that would make me laugh and make a mountain appear in perspective... when things were good, id have a crew of people built in to celebrate and to share in my good fortune (however seldom that was)... the friends i chose to surround myself with have become my family as my own family faded far from view... i missed the pubs today, i know they are still there waiting for me, to come back where i belong... i cant wait for st patricks day
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