CROMAGNON (cromagnon) wrote,


it was a good weekend, spent time with my girl all day saturday, it was a weird day, spending time with her family, but good... ive known them for years now, but it just feels theres a difference now... today was good, did some running around and finally cleaned up some of my tattoos, i havent used the tattoo machine in ages, im actually happy it still works... my hand which usually kills me whenever i do more than a half hour with the ink gun feels pretty good, but tomorrow will be the judge... well this time next week ill be back at the bars, but it really makes me feel good to know i dont need it... after not quitting because my fathers death last year, i wasnt so sure i could give it up, let alone give it up and not miss it much at all

i know ill be healthier this year, ive laid a good base and can work out all year to keep the weight off and keep the body lean... i havent eaten meat since superbowl either and really dont miss it, while i dont need to eat anything special to survive, learning to cook vegitarian was pretty enjoyable... ill have a steak when i feel like it but its good to know theres something else i can get done if i really want
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