CROMAGNON (cromagnon) wrote,


the new season begins, the rangers are in hockey playoffs with a decent shot to really struggle for the stanley cup this year... overall a busy last few days, spent a lot of time with the girl, and couldnt be happier, she has really fallen for me, asks very little ans wants only my time and happiness... i picked up a car, the guy insisted in calling it a crossover, but my eyes live in my skull and the pacifica is a fucking minivan... its clean maintained and great on gas, so what do i care... i really dont think there is enough handshake deals, with cash and a mans word in this world anymore... ive decided that its time to finally become the end of my family line and get neutered... i really do trust this girl and dont see it being an issue but ive become hardened in the last year, so i know what i can and can not have in my life
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