CROMAGNON (cromagnon) wrote,


smiling to myself as i lay on the couch, i found one of her long blonde hairs, i picked it up, watching it strech and tense back up to a curl in my fingers... as the rangers flew up and down the ice i got lost for a moment as if she was laying there next to me again... as we would lose time looking into eack others eyes, or she would drape herself over my body, gently tracing her nails up and down, making the hairs on my forearms stand up... id imagine the crooked smile on her face that made me always want to kiss her for hours as we would be together in the darkness with nothing but the dancing flame of a candle to split the night... my hands suddenly longed to feel her smooth, warm skin, as id slide my hands over her, it would yield to my pressure, soft as a whisper... i havent seen her in a while as i caught a pretty powerful fever that i couldnt shake and she is now visiting her sick aunt in north carolina... i already miss her, knowing i cant see her and wont see her for another week
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