CROMAGNON (cromagnon) wrote,


ive been back and fourth so much lately, my girl has a thyroid problem, has as long as ive known her, it usually corrects itself on its own, but she has to keep an eye on it... she has been sick, the thyroid acted up, a fever and a infection in her blood... the bloodwork is due any time now, but im sick with worry... not just to see my friend sick, im worried in a selfish way, i finally have a girl who loves me wholly, a family who knows and accepts me and everything seems good... my luck never ceases... everything in me thinks that she will be fine, but damn it if im not worried sick over this... it shows me how much i care too... this has been a really intense relationship, so much has happened so fast, so much has been so good... i dont know what to think of it... i just dont want it to end... ive finally found a partner, not just a lover
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