CROMAGNON (cromagnon) wrote,


man, i havent been around ain a mules age, but i have been truly busy... im finally getting over double pneumonia which made things harder because i refused to miss a day of work to rest and recover... the summer season is here and as always work is crazy and wears me out but knowing this will be my last summer in my building, i really want to leave her looking her best... ive been to bayside a few times and can tell ill be much happier there, so i am really looking forward to it... i may soon be moving houses also, me and my girl are looking for a place to live together, things are going great with us and her son seems to be getting used to having me around... knowing her and her family this long really are making this a seamless transition, though ill mourn my passing bachelorhood deeply... i still dont know if im growing up, but i do feel old
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