CROMAGNON (cromagnon) wrote,


so tomorrow we meet the owners od the place and see if we get the house, the real estate guy is a real dick and is asking a bucket load of questions, either because he is a creep or because the owners are creeps... my nerves are shot and im sick of waiting im not handling this well, ive always been able to punch the shit out of my problems... i still have a huge problem with any authority figure, especially a powerless pinhead acting like he has power... im really looking forward to moving in and starting this life, her son has warmed up to me and has even taken to introducing me as dad... while i think this is way too soon, it makes him happy and if it makes him feel safe and secure, who am i to argue? thats a role i am assuming, and with little kid logic, he isnt that far off yet... it just feels... so soon and i havent earned it yet
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